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Let me show you Ethiopia

Come with me to the Bale Mountains. My name is Ayuba Ahmed. I was born in Dinsho town adjacent to the Bale Mountains National Park Headquarters and have been a guide for five years with trainings from the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Prior to this I have worked as a research assistant for one year in the park. I can offer you a variety of tours, including mountain trekking from 3 to 17 days or more. I can offer many suggested routes or you can specify your own itinerary. Click on the tabs above for more information. I offer very competitive prices including packaged tours including transport and cook. Please send me any questions you may have.

Guiding Experience:

* Bale Mountains National Park From Bale (Borena, Sof Umar Cave, Dire Sheik Housein)
* Simien Mountains National Park
* Nechesar National Park
* Mago National Park
* Yabello National Park
* Awash Natinal Park
* Central Rift Valley (Addis Ababa, Hawasa, Shashamene)
* Guassa Plateau
* Omo Valley (Konso, Mursi, Hamar)
* Harar
* Afar
* Lalibella
* Axum
* Gondar
* Gojam
* Jimma

Tour Interests:

* Wlidlife (endemics)
* Avitourism (endemics)
* Bale sport fishing
* Cultural sites
* Wild Coffee
* Horse trekking
* Landscapes

I am based out of the Bale Mountains National Park Headquarters and am flexible to fit your tour needs.

Thanks for your interest and happy journey!
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Abyssinian Woodpecker Dendropicos abyssinicus Yellow Bishop Euplectes capensis
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Ayuba Ahmed

Mobile: 251-0-912105262
Post: P.O. Box 107
Bale, Goba

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Ethiopian Wildlife Nyala Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos Malachite Kingfisher Alcedo cristata

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